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Inbound to Singapore

Check out the various attractions in Singapore and then use our Travel Configurator to tell us what kind of experience you want from Singapore and we will customize an individual packagefor you.

According to MasterCard’s 2018 Global Destination Cities Index, Singapore is the 5th most popular city in the world for tourists. This garden city attracted 13.91 million visitors in 2017 and according to MasterCard, Singapore maintains its 5th position in 2018, with expected tourist arrivals to increase by 4% to 14.47 million people with each visitor staying an average of 4.3 nights and spending US$286 per day.

Singapore is popular with visitors because it is clean, green and constantly evolving. Very often, we hear people say that they are amazed at how much Singapore has changed since their last visit 5 years ago. This constant evolution means there is always something new to see and do every time you visit Singapore. The island covers an area of 718 square kilometres and its relatively compact size means that you can get to wherever you want to go anywhere in Singapore within 45 minutes. So, you can do a lot more with your time in Singapore.

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Outbound To The Rest Of The World

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While we bring the rest of the world to Singapore, we also want Singapore to experience the rest of the world. We have identified 11 popular destinations in Asia that can give Singaporeans an entertaining and educational experience. Please click on the countries listed below to see what we can do for you there.

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