Make Travel Second Nature For Everyone


Customized Edutainment Travel company

TravelKreator is a brand owned by Siam Express Pte Ltd, a Singapore travel company that was established in 1983 and appointed by the Ministry of Education to conduct toursfor schools.

We chose the name TravelKreator because all our travel packages are created based on each customer’s specific requirements.

Over the last 36 years, we have evolved into a full-fledged Customized Edutainment Travel company. What makes us different is that we don’t just offer off-the-shelf travel packages that you can get from any travel agency.

Our travel packages combine the 3 exciting elements of:
1.Customization: Because you are different.
2.Education: Because when you learn useful things about the places you visit, the trip becomes more meaningful and memorable.
3.Entertainment: Because no trip is complete unless you thoroughly enjoy yourself.


Make Travel Second Nature For Everyone

To achieve our Vision, we focus resolutely on our Mission which is:
1.To develop and deliver customized inbound and outbound travel packages that give you a memorable, positive and safe experience that is both educational and entertaining.
2.To analyze inbound and outbound travel trends to determine what will be relevant to you in the next 2 years, and work towards meeting this need through advanced technology.
3.To attract, inspire and train people and partners who are very passionate about the travel industry and want to rise to the top of their profession.

We have been successful because in all the things that we do, we are guided by our Brand Values of being Reliable, Responsive and Respectful.

We know that a lot of things can go wrong when you travel and our professionals follow a set of stringent standard operating procedures to ensure that your travel is safe and seamless.

When you travel with TravelKreator,you will notice that It’s Like Travelling With A Trusted Friend.



We operate in an industry where customers trust us to make sure they have peace of mind when travelling. As such, we must ensure that what we promise, we deliver. That is the essence of reliability.


We operate in a fast-paced industry where every minute counts. We are always alert to customer needs and respond to them as quickly as we want others to respond to us. That is what being responsive is to us.


We operate in an industry where we deal with many other cultures and backgrounds. We must be mindful of these differences and do our job efficiently without causing offense. That is what we mean by being respectful.

Key Management Staff

Managing Director

Jaclyn Yeoh

As a young executive with no prior experience, Jaclyn found her passion in the travel industry and accumulated a wealth of experience over the last 35 years. Under her astute leadership, TravelKreator has established themselves to be one of the designated travel agents for the Ministry of Education (Singapore)’s educational outbound tours. Together with her team, TravelKreator specializes in creating memorable outbound and inbound travel experiences attuned to the travelers' needs.
After all these years, Jaclyn continues to stay true to her passion and aims to groom the next generation of Travel Kreators. Her zeal for contributing to society has led her to become a respected grassroots leader in her community and to qualify herself as a JUMPING® fitness coach. She strives to motivate and encourage everyone around her to overcome their challenges and to live healthier, better lives.

Strategy Director

Joseph Sze

Experienced China Tourism Business Expert and Destination Marketing Specialist, Joseph Sze, has appointed as Senior Project Director responsible for spearheading the key portfolio of business transformation, trade collaboration and strategic partnerships, coupled with assisting management onthe company's transformation, re-branding, technology innovation strategy projects.

Graduated both from the National University of Singapore and the University of Wisconsin-Madison / USA respectively, Joseph Sze has over 20-year industry experience in Asian tourism & travel business portfolios ranging from destination promotion, business events, sales & marketing focusing on MICE andonline travel. He had previously worked in both tourism government organizations and private travel business sectors including Singapore Tourism Board, Tourism NT Australia, Thailand Convention& Exhibition Bureau, Tour East, Australia Phillip Island Nature Parks and MICE China.

With his great passion in Chinese Painting, Joseph has been practicing the Chinese Ink painting and become the life member of Life Art Society.

Director of Business Development

Dan Yeo

Dan has been teaching History for 6 years before he decided to take the classroom outside. He joined the trade designing and conducting Learning Journey. Imagine following the trail of the Third Reich to hunt down Hitler.. Working from the ground up has given him a firm foundation and understanding of the trade and opened opportunities for him abroad. He love challenges and has managed to help different agency transformed and penetrated new market before finally returning to Singapore. The extensive travel in the last 10 years has exposed him to various cultures and social issues. These days, he champion the concept of Responsible Tourism and promote Edutainment

Sales Manager

Andie Truong

Quitting her job as a Mandarin Teacher in University of Social Sciences and Humanity – Ho Chi Minh city, Andie found her passion in the education travel industry in 2007. Taken a bigger step in the career path, she came to Singapore and joined Siam Express as a travel consultant and tours manager in 2011. This move proved challenging, as she was neither a native Chinese nor English speaker, but she persevered. Her portfolio of duties includes taking charge of Overseas Educational & Community Programme for Singapore MOE schools. This not only requires her to have a heightened sense of awareness of Singapore school’s expectations, but also excellent communication skills, which she’s developed over time. The sky’s the limit. Over the years, Andie was able to consistently delight her customers with her thorough preparation and attention to detail. Her motto is “Believe in yourself even when others do not” – a belief she instills in all of the students that she met.

Other Staff

Our Team

Operation – 4
License guides : more than 30

Sales - 6
Operation – 3
Experienced Tour leader : more than 20

Finance & HR dept
Senior Manager – 1
Executive staff – 2
IT dept – 3


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